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Secret Machines

< Unsourced image removed: thumb|250px|right|The Secret Machines -->"The Secret Machines" are a three-piece American rock band originally from Dallas, Texas, before moving to New York City. They consist of two brothers, Brandon & Benjamin Curtis, and Josh Garza.

Before forming The Secret Machines the members played in various Dallas bands such as: UFOFU, Tripping Daisy, Comet, and When Babies Eat Pennies, but perhaps the most significant was Captain Audio. Captain Audio was formed by Garza and vocalist/guitarist/chief songwriter Regina Chellew in the late 90's as a two-piece noise duo. Brandon and, occasionlly, Ben Curtis joined shortly thereafter as the original duo began to head toward a more standard rock sound. In a few months the band was already getting regular local press and within a little over a year they had recorded and released the EP My Ears Ringing But My Heart's OK in 1999 and the full-lenth LUXURY or Whether It Is Better To Be Loved than Feared in 2000 to positive reviews. Shortly After the release of LUXURY the band went on an extended hiatus and eventaully disbanded when the boys headed for New York, leaving Chellew behind in Dallas to form the band ...

years active 2000 – present
origin Dallas, Texas
music genre Indie rock, Space rock
current members Brandon Curtis
Benjamin Curtis (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia