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"Seigmen" was a Norwegian alternative rock band in the 1990s. The bandname is derived from a Norwegian brand of (sweet) candies. Although hard to categorize, their music is said to have a gothic sound. Actually, Seigmen went from a hard-edged grunge-like style to a band using more synth in the vein of Depeche Mode. They broke up in 1999 after a farewell tour.

Seigmen reunited during the UKA-festival in Trondheim, Norway on October 20 2005, and decided in November 2005 to do even more reunion-gigs in Norway - 7 shows in February 2006. Having great success with the reunion-tour, even more gigs have been scheduled - 6 summer festival gigs across Norway, most of them as the headlining act.

Recent media appearances reveal that Seigmen do not exclude another reunion sometime in the future. They will play their last gig in Steinkjer Norway, August 19 2006 at Steinkjer-festivalen. Then it is over for now, and the members will return to their respective "normal" projects.

* Kim Ljung (bass)

* Alex Møklebust (vocal)

* Noralf Ronthi (percussion)

* Marius Roth (guitar)

* Sverre Økshoff (guitar)

Møklebust, Ljung and Ronthi la...

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