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The Selecter were a ska revival band from Coventry, England, formed in the late 1970s and who became one of the essential bands of the British ska movement. Much of what set apart The Selecter from many of the other ska bands at the time was the voice of Pauline Black. She had to disguise herself as a man in order for the band to get gigs (Pauline Black disavowed this rumor in an interview with the UK's Phoenix FM on 26 May 2006, but once they did, there was no disguising her voice. Like other bands of the ska movement, The Selecter featured a racially mixed line up, and songs about violence, politics, marijuana, a fictional spy's theme song, James Bond, and reggae classics. The name of the band is a reference to the Jamaican word for a music selecter, known elsewhere as the DJ. Also typical to the style is the mix of one vocalist singing, and the other toasting in a Jamaican style, a precursor to rapping.

The Selecter's first album Too Much Pressure was recorded at the end of 1979 ...

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