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Sense Field

"Sense Field" were a pop-rock/post-hardcore band from California that formed in 1994. Initially signed to Revelation Records, they later cast around for a major label in an effort to become more commercially successful. Despite some airplay on network television, they never achieved what they wanted in this regard, leading to their dissolution in 2004.

Many of the members of Sense Field were previously in a hardcore punk band, Reason to Believe. In addition, Jonathan Bunch of Sense Field has since become the vocalist of Further Seems Forever for one album, before that band too disbanded. Former drummer Scott McPherson played on the Elliott Smith song Pretty (Ugly Before) off of the 2004 album From a Basement on the Hill. He is currently the drummer for the band, Solea, with ex-members of Texas Is The Reason and Samiam

*''Sense Field EP'' (1991)

*''Premonitions EP'' (1992)

*''Sense Field'' (1994) - all tracks on the two EPs plus two new songs.

*''Killed For Less'' (1994)

*''Building'' (1996)

*''Part Of The Deal EP'' (1999)

*''Tonight And Forever'' (2001) - including the song ''Save Yourself''

*''Living Outside'' (2003)

* http://www.sensefield.iwa...

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