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"Sevendust" is an alternative metal band from Atlanta, Georgia.

They formed in late 1994 under the name "Crawlspace" but later were forced to change their name when a group from the West Coast claimed rights to it. They struggled to find a new title but finally settled on Sevendust after bassist Vinnie Hornsby was looking through his grandmother's garage and found a can of plant pesticide called "Sevin dust." Vocalist Lajon Witherspoon's take on the name is that seven is a holy number and we are all made of dust. Their name has also been associated with the computer virus with the same name. They were originally signed to TVT Records, but now have released their first album with Winedark Records (through Universal Music).

Sevendust released their first self-titled album on April 15, 1997. This album is known for its heavy riffs, angry vocals and thrash-like drumming. The songs "Black" and "Bitch" are the most well known songs from this album. "Black" was the opening song for nearly every Sevendust concert until 2005. The debut album also contains the song "My Ruin" from their Crawlspace days which is included in the Mortal Kombat soundtrack album entitled "More Komb...

years active 1994–present
music genre alternative metal
origin Atlanta, Georgia, USA
current members Lajon Witherspoon
John Connolly
Sonny Mayo
Vinnie Hornsby
Morgan Rose
past members Clint Lowery (1997–2004)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia