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Seventh Day Slumber

"Seventh Day Slumber" is a Christian Rock band.

*Joseph Rojas

*Joshua Schwartz

*Jeremy Holderfield

*Ray Fryoux

*Chuck Shea

*''Matthew Twenty Five'' (November 30 1999, Afinia)

*''Freedom From Human Regulations'' (2001, Mercy Street Records

*''Picking Up the Pieces'' (April 8 2003, Word Entertainment)

*''Once Upon a Shattered Life'' (February 1 2005, BEC Recordings, Review: Jesus Freak Hideout)

*''Picking Up the Pieces (re-release)'' (September 13 2005)


"Album" - Billboard (North America)

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|align="left" valign="top"|2005

|align="left" valign="top"|''Once Upon a Shattered Life''

|align="left" valign="top"|Top Heatseekers

|align="left" valign="top"|33



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years active 1996 - Present
origin Dallas, Texas
country United States
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia