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Sex Gang Children

Sex Gang Children

"Sex Gang Children" was an early gothic rock group that formed in the early 1980s in Britain. They were a very dramatic band, relying on heavy bass, tribal drumming, sudden mood shifts, a woozy cabaret ready sound that influenced the rise of the later Dark Cabaret scene, and yet another in a long line of goth singers with an odd, highly dramatic voice. Although the group only released one official album, their singles and various other tracks have been packaged into numerous collections, and they remain one of the better known bands out of the early Batcave scene.

The name "Sex Gang Children" was taken from a William Burroughs novel by Malcolm McLaren as a possible name for the band that became Bow Wow Wow and was one of the names that Boy George went through before choosing "Culture Club". SGC vocalist Andi Sexgang tried to persuade George to use the name, but when Culture Club drummer Jon Moss passed on the idea, Andi decided that the name should not go to waste.

*''Naked'' - 1982

*''Beasts'' EP - 1982

*''Sebastiane'' EP - 1983

*''Song and Legend'' - 1983

*''Beasts'' - 1986

*''Sex Gang Children'' - 1987

*''Ecstasy and Vendetta Over New York'' -

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