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Shadow Gallery

Shadow Gallery

"Shadow Gallery" is a six-piece American band from Pennsylvania. Their name is taken from the graphic novel V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and their musical style can be described as progressive metal. They have a reputation amongst fans for complex song structures and virtuoso musicianship and have been compared to contemporaries Dream Theater, Queensr├┐che and Symphony X. Despite the many complex passages in their songs "Shadow Gallery" manages to combine them with tight songwriting, production and performance. Their songs are frequently long with instrumental pieces in the middle. Their music is hard at times, soft at others, providing an interesting variety to the listener.

*Mike Baker - Vocals

*Gary Wehrkamp - Piano, guitars, keyboards, vocals

*Brendt Allman - Guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals

*Carl Cadden-James - Bass, vocals, flute, fretless bass

*Chris Ingles - Piano, keyboards

*Joe Nevolo - Drums

*Kevin Soffera - Drums

In the early 1980's Mike Baker, Carl Cadden-James, Ron Evans, and John Coonie played in the well respected Lehigh Valley band, "SORCERER". Covering many songs that most bands wouldn't attempt, they proved their musicianship, ...

country USA
years active 1992–present
music genre Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Rock
current members (from left to right)
Gary Wehrkamp
Joe Nevolo
Brendt Allman
Mike Baker
Carl Cadden-James
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia