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Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright

"Shannon Wright" is a singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida, who was once the lead for the band Crowsdell. In 1998, after Crowsdell was dropped by Big Cat Records, Wright moved to North Carolina and began recording solo. Then she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. On her early albums, she plays nearly all the instruments, while on the later albums she sticks to guitar, self-taught piano, and vocals. She is known for her emotional performances, which include a great deal of gyrating and screaming on stage.

Wright has toured with Nick Cave, Dirty Three, Low, Man Or Astroman, and Sleater-Kinney. Brian Teasley, drummer for Man Or Astroman, appears on three of her albums. Eric Bachmann, the lead of Crooked Fingers, played piano for two of her albums and sang the duet "Azalea" with Wright on ''Perishable Goods''. Joey Burns of Calexico played bass on two of her albums. Wright provided vocals for "Last Things Last" on ''Systems/Layers'' for the band Rachel's.

*''Flight Safety'' (1999)

*''Maps of Tacit'' (2000)

*''Perishable Goods'' (2001)

*''Dyed in the Wool'' (2001)

*''Over the Sun'' (2004)

*''Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wright'' (2005)


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