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Shawn Lane

"Shawn Lane" (March 21, 1963 – September 26, 2003) was an American guitarist and composer. Lane was a musician who showed a lot of promise as a youngster. He quickly became a noted player in underground guitar circles, joining Black Oak Arkansas when he was just fourteen.

He is best known for his solo album ''Powers of Ten'' and his long stint with former John McLaughlin bassist and virtuoso in his own right Jonas Hellborg.

right|thumb|300px|SHAWN LANE - "The Memphis Monster", ''photograph by: Carl Johan Grimmark''

Shawn Lane was born in Memphis, Tennessee. At the age of eight he accompanied his sisters on the piano, but did not play guitar seriously until he was ten. Shawn progressed very rapidly on the guitar, and he found it to be his natural instrument. At thirteen, Shawn began to practice heavily, developing his technical abilities. Word began to spread around Memphis about a talented young guitar player, and at fourteen Shawn auditioned for the lead guitar spot in Black Oak Arkansas. BOA was a popular country rock band at the time, but it was on its way out when Shawn joined. At fifteen Shawn saw Allan Holdsworth at a UK concert and was inspired t...

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