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Shawn Mullins

"Shawn Mullins" (born March 8, 1968 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a singer-songwriter who specializes in folk rock, instrumental rock, and adult alternative music.

Mullins cultivated an interest in music beginning in his days at Decatur High School in Decatur, Georgia (where he made the acquaintance of friend and mentor Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls). Later, he honed his craft in his college days at North Georgia College and State University as a solo acoustic musician and bandmaster of the military marching band. Soon, he added a drummer and bassist to form the power pop trio billed as "Shawn Eric Mullins with Twice Removed", a combo that would help carry him to campuswide and regional notoriety. Eventually the "Twice Removed" trio parted ways under amicable terms, and Mullins began using a variety of collaborative lineups while building his reputation as a solo artist.

His critical breakthrough came when his song "Lullaby," from the album ''Soul's Core'', became a radio and video hit. In the video for Lullaby, directed by Roger Pistole, actress Dominique Swain appeared. Another single, "Shimmer," was included on the soundtrack for the TV show ''Dawson's Creek'' and was a ...

years active 1990 – present
music genre adult album alternative
current members Solo
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source: Wikipedia