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Shelter is a Hare Krishna Hardcore punk band formed by Ray Cappo and Porcell of Youth of Today. The band broke up in 2001 following the release of their last album, The Purpose, The Passion.

In 2005 Ray Cappo recorded a new 11 track album entitled Eternal with 10 new songs and a re-make of "In Defense Of Reality." Eternal was released in May 2006 by Goodlife Recordings.

== Discography =

*IN DEFENSE OF REALITY (EQUAL VISION, 1991) *Perfection of Desire (Revelation, 1992) *Quest for Certainty (Equal Vision, 1995) *Shelter Bhajan (Equal Vision, 1995) *Standard Temple (Equal Vision, 1995) *Attaining the Supreme (Equal Vision, 1995) *Mantra (Roadrunner, 1995) *Beyond Planet Earth (Roadrunner, 1997) *Chanting & Meditations (Krishna Core, 1998) *When 20 Summers Pass (Victory, 2000) *The Purpose, The Passion (Supersoul, 2001) *Eternal (Goodlife Recordings, 2006)

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