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"The Shins" is a musical group on Sub Pop records comprising singer and guitarist James Russell Mercer, keyboardist/guitarist/bassist Martin Crandall, bassist/guitarist Dave Hernandez, and drummer Jesse Sandoval. Their sound is commonly described as indie rock, drawing on several musical genres including pop (in the tradition of The Beach Boys), alternative, country, and folk.

The Shins began in 1997, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as a side project of Mercer (previously of Blue Roof Dinner) and Sandoval, who were both members of the lo-fi musical group "Flake" (formed in 1992). By 1999, Flake (which by then had been renamed "Flake Music") was disbanded and all of its former members became The Shins. The band released two 7" singles on Omnibus, "Nature Bears A Vacuum" (1999) and "When I Goosestep" (2000), before going on tour with Modest Mouse. During the tour, they were met in San Francisco by a Sub Pop representative, who eventually offered to release their debut album.

The Shins' first album was 2001's ''Oh, Inverted World'', released to critical acclaim for its lyrically deft, jangly pop sound. Dave Hernandez, former member of Scared of Chaka, joined the group ...

years active 1997 – present
origin New Mexico, United States
music genre Indie rock
current members James R. Mercer
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia