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"Showbread" is a Christian indie/post-hardcore band from the Savannah, Georgia area. They are signed to Tooth and Nail Records.

Showbread is one of many modern post-hardcore bands that have infused screaming into many different styles of music. They are known for having several unique twists to their sound and their image. First, their two vocalists, Josh Dies and Ivory Mobley, trade off in dueling vocals which alternate between yelling, screaming, and singing. This effect has caused the band to occasionally be labeled as a "spazz rock" band. Second, they are one of the few post-hardcore bands that use a keytar. Third, they are known for wearing matching outfits when performing, usually in red and black but more recently green replacing red in support of their new album "Age of Reptiles," an aspect that causes many critics to label them as a fashioncore band. All members of the band are very energetic during their concerts. Fourth, in keeping with their campaign for uniqueness in the music scene, the band generally does not refer to their music as a particular genre; instead, they prefer the term "raw rock." In the words of lead guitarist Matt Davis, "No one ever knew what to...

years active 1998–present
status Active
country Savannah, Georgia
music genre Christian Rock
current members Josh Dies
Ivory Mobley
Matt Davis
Mike Jensen
Patrick Porter
John Giddens
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia