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"Shriekback" is a rock band formed in the early 1980s by Barry Andrews, formerly of XTC and League of Gentlemen (keyboards/synthesizers/vocals), Carl Marsh (guitars/vocals), and Dave Allen, formerly of the Gang of Four (bass). They were joined by Martyn Barker on drums in 1983.

Shriekback are popular for their exploration of the darker, funkier side of rock music, usually featuring Dave Allen's driving basslines. Self-described as an "avant-garde musical outfit", they are popular among a limited audience, both for their poetic, often intellectual lyrics, and for their dance-worthy music which range from disco and new wave (new romantic) to an edgy, pre-grunge hard rock.

Shriekback was originally an artistic trio of Barry Andrews, Carl Marsh, and Dave Allen. They enjoyed some success on the dance chart on their original Y Records label, but left for the big time on Arista Records for 1984's ''Jam Science''. Finding little success, they switched to Island Records for the next year's breakout, ''Oil & Gold''. This album signalled a shift for the band, with Carl Marsh leaving the band and rockers Martyn Barker and Lu Edmonds joining what was now Andrews' vehicle. ...

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