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Paul Simon

"Paul Frederic Simon" (born October 13 1941) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist,, half of the folk-singing duo Simon and Garfunkel who continues a successful solo career. In 2006, ''Time'' Magazine called him one of the "100 people who shape our world".,9171,1187393,00.html

Born into a Hungarian Jewish family in Newark Heights, New Jersey, who soon moved to Queens in New York City, Simon's musical career began in Forest Hills High School when he and his friend Art Garfunkel began singing together as a duo, occasionally performing at school dances. Their idols were the Everly Brothers, whom they often emulated and/or imitated in their early recordings. Simon and Garfunkel called themselves "Tom & Jerry", and it was under this name that the duo first had success. In 1957, they recorded the single "Hey, Schoolgirl", on Big Records which reached forty-nine on the pop charts while they were still in their late teens.

After graduating from high school, Simon attended and graduated from Queens College, while Garfunkel studied at Columbia University in Manhattan. Simon was a Brother in the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. Th...

date of birth October 13 1941
place of birth Maplewood, New Jersey
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