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"Sinch" is a five-piece alternative rock music group from Doylestown, Pennsylvania in the United States.


The alternative rock quartet Sinch formed in 1994 while its members were attending different high school's in Doylestown and Will Gove in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. To the dismay of parents and the bemusement of friends, the members of Sinch made a pact that upon leaving school they would dedicate themselves to the band rather than pursue college or the military.

In 1996 the band self-produced its first album titled, ''The Strychnine'', earning it regular live slots along the East Coast. Two years later, Sinch released its second record titled, ''Diatribe'', which gained them further notoriety and won them supporting slots with major label artists including KoЯn, Rob Zombie, Linkin Park and Chevelle.

This exposure was sufficient to garner the band a major label deal. In 2001, they signed with Roadrunner Records and produced their ''self-titled'' album with producer Malcolm Springer. The first single from the album was "Something More". It was released to radio stations worldwide and became one of the Top 100 active rock singles of 2002. Sinch's self-t...

years active 1994 – Present
origin Doylestown, Pennsylvania
country United States
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Jamie Stem
Tony Lannutti
Mike Abramson
Dan McFarland
Jay Smith
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia