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Siobhan Donaghy

Siobhan Donaghy

"Siobhan Donaghy" (born June 14, 1983 in London, England), is a female singer-songwriter. Until September 2001, she was a member of English pop group, the Sugababes. Leaving the group due to artistic differences, she was replaced by new member Heidi Range. After her departure from the Sugababes, Donaghy released three solo singles and an album. She still lives in Eastcote, Middlesex, with her family and her older sister Bevin.

Siobhan and her fellow band-mates Mutya and Keisha had been following a heavy touring schedule for over a year with Siobhan gradually becoming more and more unhappy with her position in the band. Feeling that the other girls and their managers were trying to force Siobhan into a direction that she didn't like, Siobhan was finding it all too much to handle, and during an interview with a magazine in Japan along with her bandmates, Donaghy excused herself to go to the toilet and never returned. The incident happened without warning, but Siobhan has never apologised, nor apparently looked back on the decision with chagrin.

In March 2003 Donaghy released her first single as a solo artist. "Nothing But Song" was released as a 7" vinyl single only a...

Background solo singer
Born June 14 1983
Origin London, England
Instruments Singing
Genre Pop music
Occupation(s) singer-songwriter
Years active 1998-present
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia