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"Skillet" is a Christian band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in the mid-90s. It is composed of John Cooper on vocals and bass, his wife Korey Cooper on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Ben Kasica on guitar, and Lori Peters on drums. They span the musical genres from grunge to techno, industrial to guitar-driven anthematic metal.

First hitting the CCM scene in 1996, Skillet originally had three members: John Cooper, Trey McClurkin (drums), and Ken Steorts (guitar). The line-up was the same on their second CD. With their third CD, John's wife Korey joined the band in the keyboards, Ken Steorts left the band and Kevin Haaland stepped in. Soon after the release of ''Invincible'' however, Trey McClurkin also left, and Lori Peters took his place on the drums. Kevin Haaland left the band before ''Alien Youth'', and Ben Kasica took over on guitar.

At the 2006 Ichthus Festival in Kentucky, it was announced onstage that their new record would be titled "Comatose". It is scheduled to be released on October 3, 2006.

Panheads are fans of the rock band Skillet.

"Uh, 'Panheads?'" Guitarist Ken Steorts explains. "You see, there are three levels in 'Skillethood.' Thos...
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