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Skunk Anansie

"Skunk Anansie" were a British rock band whose members included Skin (Deborah Dyer), Cass (Richard Lewis), Ace (Martin Kent) and Mark Richardson. The group formed in 1994 and disbanded in 2001. They were named after the West Indian folk tales of Anansie the spider-man. They were often grouped as part of a Britrock movement, running alongside Britpop.

*Vocals: Skin (Deborah Dyer)

*Bass: Cass (born Richard Keith Lewis, 1 September, 1960, in London)

*Guitar: Ace (Martin Kent)

*Drums: Mark Richardson


*Drums: Robbie France

The group played its first gig at London's Splash club in March 1994 and soon after that two of their songs, "Feed" and "Selling Jesus", appeared on the soundtrack to the movie ''Strange Days'' in 1995. "Selling Jesus" became Skunk Anansie's controversial second song to receive radio play, following their first radio release "Little Baby Swastikkka". In 1995 they were voted Best New British Band by the readers of Kerrang! magazine. They were also voted best British Live Act in the same magazine in 1996. In 1997 they were nominated for Best Live Act and Best Group at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Their first two albums, ''Paranoid ...

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Origin London, England
Genre Rock music
Years active 1994 in music
website Original Skunk Anansie site now offline; information available on Deborah Dyer
Current members Skunk Anansie
Past members Robbie France
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source: Wikipedia