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"Skyclad" is a British heavy metal band with heavy folk influences in their music. They are considered one of the inventors of folk metal, the other major influence on the genre being Bathory. For the meaning of the name, see Skyclad.

The band was founded in 1990 by former Sabbat vocalist Martin Walkyier and Satan/Pariah guitarist Steve Ramsey, after Walkyier left Sabbat over an argument with guitarist Andy Sneap as to the direction of his lyrics. The two's aim was to put together the 'ultimate pagan metal band' (initial ideas for the band included such extravagances as traditional Robin Hood costumes, though these concepts were soon dropped). Rounding out the group with another ex member of Pariah, bassist Graeme English, as well as drummer Keith Baxter, they penned a deal with German record label Noise International and recorded and released ''Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth'' in 1991. After a tour with Overkill they added Fritha Jenkins on violin and keyboard and a second guitarist in the shape of Dave Pugh, allowing for a more folk-based sound on their follow-up release ''A Burnt Offering For the Bone Idol'' in 1992. The groups early output was prolific, with ''Jonah's Ar...

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