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Skyhooks was an Australian rock band of the 1970s, sometimes classified as a glam rock band, although this is mainly the result of the band's flamboyant costumes and makeup. thumb|200px|right|Skyhooks at the Nambassa 3 day Music & Alternatives festival, New Zealand 1978. Photographer Jeff O'donnell.

The 'classic' lineup of the band was:

*Graham "Shirley" Strachan (vocals), *Red Symons (guitar, vocals), *Bob "Bongo" Starkie (guitar, vocals) *Greg Macainsh (bass, vocals) *Imants "Freddie" Strauks (drums, vocals), aka "Freddie Kaboodleschnitzer"

Other musicians included

  • Original Lead Singer- Steve Hill. (Deceased in 2005)
  • Original Guitarist- Peter Inglis
  • Original Guitarist- Peter Starkie
  • Replacement Singer ( Post Strachan )- Tony Williams
  • Replacement Guitarist ( Post Symons )- Bob Spencer

The band shocked conservative middle Australia with their outrageous (for the time) costumes, lyrics, and on-stage activities, leading to seven of the ten tracks on their first album being banned from commercial radio. Much of the group'...

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