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"Slapshot" is a straight edge hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, formed in 1985 by Steve Risteen, Mark McKay (both ex Terminally Ill) and Jack Kelly (ex Negative FX, the band that inspired the bandname of NoFX)

In October of 1986 Slapshot released their debut album, called "Back on the Map", the album was released by Taang! Records, containing their best known song "Hang up your boots". This song is also an example of the cynical and sarcastic style that is typical of much the Slapshot lyrics, especially on the later albums.

In July of 1988, three songs "Same Mistake", "Might Makes Right" and "Gilligan" - an acapella version of the Gilligan's Island theme were released as a 7" single "Same Mistake/Might Makes Right" and in October of 1988 the 7" single was followed by the band's next release, a full-length album, called "Step On It".

In 1990 Mark McKay asked his friend Chris Lauria if he could fill the position. Mark McKay, Steve Risteen and Chris Lauria all knew each other from the days with Terminally Ill. Steve Risteen wanted to try out some others first but eventually Chris Lauria was their choice.

Three tracks, "Firewalker", "Chip On My Shoulder" and "Mo...

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