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"Slaughter" first formed in Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario, Canada at the height of glam metal's dominance over MTV and rock radio. Achieving popularity at the tail end of the movement, Slaughter's day in the spotlight proved to be fickle and brief. They have since soldiered on and found themselves at the forefront of the movement to revive traditional rock music in the face of alternative music's dominance during the 1990s.

The band formed in 1988 with Mark Slaughter on vocals, Dana Strum as bassist, Tim Kelly on guitars and Blas Elias on drums. Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum had previously played together in Vinnie Vincent Invasion. In 1990 Slaughter hit radio, MTV and the U.S. touring circuit like a tornado coming seemingly out of nowhere to roll through everything in its path. Their debut album "''Stick It To Ya''" saw 3 songs hit the Billboard Hot 100: ''"Fly To the Angels (#19)"'', ''"Up All Night (#27)"'', and ''"Spend My Life (#39)"''.

Unlike many of the bands from the era who were suddenly phased out in the wake of the alternative movement, Slaughter remained intact and continued to produce new records. In 1992, the released their second album, titled "''The Wi...

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