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Sleepy Jackson

"The Sleepy Jackson" is an internationally aclaimed alternative rock band from Perth, Western Australia. The band's name was inspired by a former drummer who was narcoleptic. The band revolves around the lush and melodic songwriting talents and distinctive vocal style of Luke Steele. Stemming from a musical family, father Rick Steele is a local blues musician, two of Luke Steeles' siblings are also musicians with brother Jesse a former member of The Sleepy Jackson (and currently performing with father Rick in The Hot Biscult Band) and sister Katy who fronts another Perth indie rock success, Little Birdy. While a series of acclaimed EPs brought Luke Steele and The Sleepy Jackson to the broader musical attention of Australia, it was the release of their 2003 album "Lovers" that directed significant international focus upon the band.

The Sleepy Jackson formed in 1998 with the original lineup featuring Luke Steele(Guitars/Vocals), Jesse Steele (Drums), and Matthew O’Connor (Bass). This lineup recorded a self-titled debut and a subsequent single titled "Miniskirt". Both recordings were independently released. In 2000, as a result of non-musical commitments, Luke Steele ...

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