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Snake River Conspiracy

Snake River Conspiracy

"Snake River Conspiracy" is a rock band currently comprised of Jason Slater (bass guitar, producer), Tobey Torres (vocals), and Mitch Doran (lead guitar).

*Martina Axen (of Drain STH)

*Bobby Hewitt (of Orgy) (drummer)

*Neil Taylor (original drummer)

After touring in support of their debut album, ''Sonic Jihad'', Torres and Slater had a falling out, resulting in Torres leaving the band. Martina Axen (formerly of Drain STH) was brought on to perform live when SRC played a tour opening for Queensryche. While she was set to be the new official vocalist (going so far as to record on demos for the new album), an announcement was made on May 4th, 2006 that Tobey and Jason had reconciled and were back recording together. This sudden and unexpected turn of events was well received by fans.

Jason Slater was previously a founding member of Third Eye Blind, a band he left because he felt they were "the modern equivalent of the Partridge Family."

*''Vulcan'' (EP) (1999)

*''Coke And Vaseline'' (EP) (1999)

*''Smells Like Teen Punk Meat'' (EP) (1999)

*''Sonic Jihad'' (LP) (2000):

**1. Breed

**2. Casualty

**3. You And Your Friend

**4. Lovesong<...

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