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"Socialburn" is a post-grunge rock band from Blountstown, Florida.

Their first major label album, Where You Are, (on Elektra Records) was released in February 2003 and spawned two rock radio hits: "Down" and "Everyone."

Where You Are has sold over 100,000 copies to date.

"Down" reached the US Top 10 charts and "Everyone" reached the Top 20 charts.

Their most recent album was released in October 2005 on iRock Records and is titled The Beauty of Letting Go.

They have toured nationally with such bands as Seether, Blue October, Sevendust, Nonpoint, Taproot, 12 Stones, and Default.


Neil Alday - vocals, guitar

Dusty Price - bass, vocals

Chris Cobb - guitar

Syrus Peters - drums
~ Who used to play in the bands Still Naive, and Terrific Kid.


Brandon Bittner - drums

*What A Beautiful Waste (self-released, 2000)

*World Outside (self-released, 2001)

*Where You Are (Elektra Records, 2003)

*The Beauty of Letting Go (iRock, 2005)

Performed at Budlight's Downtown live, in Raliegh North Carolina, August 5th 2006, as an opener for Candlebox

Performed at TK101's Company Christmas Party at Big Daddy's i...

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