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"Sodom" is a German thrash metal band formed in 1982. They are considered one of the three biggest teutonic thrash metal bands--the other two are Kreator and Destruction. Sodom's Original line-up was Tom Angelripper, Chris Witchhunter and Aggressor. Taking inspiration from bands such as Motörhead and Venom, they released two demos which led to a record deal with Steamhammer. Aggressor left the band shortly before releasing the ''In the Sign of Evil'' EP (generally regarded as an important early black metal release), and was replaced by Grave Violator, who did not last long himself. On the debut album ''Obsessed by Cruelty'' he was replaced by Destructor. After the release however, Destructor left Sodom to join Kreator.

Thereafter, their breakthrough album ''Persecution Mania'' was released with yet another guitarist, Frank Blackfire. A live album ''Mortal Way of Live'' followed. The next album made Sodom famous: ''Agent Orange,'' released in 1989. This album managed to sell 100,000 copies in Germany alone. Since then, Sodom is one of the three big names of German Thrash metal. The others are Kreator and Destruction. Again, a new guitarist was to be found as Blackfire also le...

years active 1982 –
status Active
music genreThrash metal
current members Tom Angelripper, Bobby Schottkowski, Bernemann
past members Aggressor, Grave Violator, Destructor, Assator (Uwe Christophers), Frank Blackfire, Uwe Baltrusch, Michael Hoffman, Andy Brings, Strahli, Chris Witchhunter, Atomic Steif
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source: Wikipedia