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Something Corporate

Something Corporate is a rock band hailing from Orange County, California. While they categorize their own music as piano rock, the industry has filed them somewhere between the pop punk genres. They are currently signed to Drive-Thru Records and Geffen Records.

In September 1998, vocalist/pianist Andrew McMahon?, bassist Kevin "Clutch" Page, and drummer Brian Ireland, former members of the band Left Here, merged with lead guitarist Josh Partington and rhythm guitarist Reuben Hernandez to form Something Corporate. The band's name is an ironic testament of its members' disdain for packaged, industry-driven, and thus "corporate" music. The band independently released a demo CD titled Ready... Break in September 2000. On March 27 2001, Something Corporate announced an official change to the band's lineup with Hernandez being permanently replaced by his temporary fill-in William Tell.

The quintet soon signed with Drive-Thru Records, which released the band's official debut effort Audioboxer on October 2 2001, which was promoted by nationwide tours, in-store perfor...

years active 1998–present
origin Orange County, California, United States
music genre Rock music
current members Andrew McMahon
Josh Partington
Brian Ireland
past members William Tell
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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