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Something Like Silas

"Something Like Silas" is an alternative Christian rock band from Southern California, who played at the Hume Lake Christian camp before being signed onto Sparrow Records in 2003 and currently plays regularly at Flood, a ministry that meets at Kearny High School in San Diego, and is pastored by Matt Hammett.


*Eric Owyoung - Lead Vocal, Guitar, Keys

*Nick Maybury - Guitar, Vocals, Keys

*Luke Floeter - Bass, Keys

*Spencer Kim - Drums


*Ben Wurzell - Bass

*John Luzzi - Bass

*Malina Owyoung - Keyboards

*Lenny Beh - Drums


*''Divine Invitation'' - Sparrow Records (2004)

*''Glimpses'' - Independent (2003)

*''SL Silas EP'' - Independent (2002)

*''Something Like Silas Live'' - Independent (2001)

*''Creation's Call'' - Independent (2000)


*Prayer for Santana - Independent (2001)

* Official Website

* Official MySpace

* Flood

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