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Sonata Arctica

"Sonata Arctica" is a Finnish Power Metal band from the town of Kemi, originally assembled in 1996.

The band was founded under the name of ''Tricky Beans'' and initially played songs which were to a great extent influenced by the hard rock genre and which didn't flirt with the power metal genre as much. During their early career, they recorded three demos which were never sent to any recording label — ''Friend 'till the End'', ''Agre Pamppers'' and ''PeaceMaker''.

In 1997 the band's name was changed to ''Tricky Means'', and from that point until 1999 their style was thoroughly worked upon and ultimately was drastically changed, acquiring strong emphasis on the keyboard melodies and relying on an easily distinguishable rhythm line maintained both by the bass and the guitar. Vocalist Tony Kakko developed a clean singing style which relies both on falsetto and tenor voices.

In 1999, the band entered studios to record a demo entitled ''FullMoon'', their line-up composed by vocalist and keyboardist Tony Kakko, guitarist Jani Liimatainen, bassist Janne Kivilahti and drummer Tommy Portimo. The demo was then sent to Spinefarm Records by a friend of the band. A recording...

years active 1996 - present
origin Kemi
country Finland
music genre Power Metal/Melodic Metal
current members Tommy Portimo(Drums)
Marko Paasikoski(Bass)
Tony Kakko(Vocals & Keyboards)
Jani Liimatainen(Guitars)
Henrik Klingenberg (Keyboards)
past members Mikko Harkin (Keyboards)
Janne Kivilahti (Bass)
Pentti Peura (Bass)
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source: Wikipedia