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Sondre Lerche

Sondre Lerche (Sän-drə Lâr-Kĕ) (born September 5, 1982, in Bergen, Norway) is a Norwegian singer, guitarist and songwriter with a unique folk/pop style.

Sondre Lerche was weaned on the 80's pop that emanated from his older siblings' rooms. Compelled by a defining fascination for bands such as A-ha, the Beach Boys, and PreFab? Sprout, Lerche began formal guitar instruction at age eight. Not satisfied with the lessons at school, Lerche experimented with original tunes on his own, eventually penning his first song, “Locust Girl" at fourteen. Lerche performed acoustic gigs at the club where his sister worked while he was still under age, and was ‘discovered' by Norwegian producer H.P. Gundersen. Under Gundersen's mentorship, Lerche was exposed to diverse music genres, including psychedelia, 60's pop, and mainstream Brazilian music, broadening his appreciation for eclectic music styles. Around this time Lerche also met up with Oslo-based manager Tatiana Penzo, leading up to a deal with Virgin Norway. His popularity in his home country increased ...

origin Bergen, Norway
country Norway
years active 2001—
music genre Folk music
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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