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Sonny Sharrock

"Warren Harding Sharrock" (August 27 1940–May 25 1994) was an American jazz guitarist. He was once married to singer Linda Sharrock, with whom he sometimes recorded and performed.

Sharrock began his musical career singing doo wop in his teen years. He collaborated with Pharoah Sanders and Alexander Solla in the late 1960s, appearing first on Sanders's 1966 effort, ''Tauhid''. He made several appearances with flautist Herbie Mann and also made an uncredited guest appearance on Miles Davis's ''A Tribute to Jack Johnson'', perhaps his most famous cameo. Sharrock was known for his incisive, heavily chorded attack, his bursts of wild feedback, and for his use of saxophone-like lines played loudly on guitar. He had in fact wanted to play tenor saxophone from his youth after hearing John Coltrane play on Davis's album ''Kind of Blue'' on the radio at age 19, but his asthma prevented this from happening. Sharrock said repeatedly, however, that he still considered himself "a horn player with a really fucked up axe."

Three albums under Sharrock's name were released in the late '60s through the mid-'70s: ''B...

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