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Red Sovine

Woodrow Wilson "Red" Sovine (17 July, 1917 - 4 April, 1980) was a country music singer. He was associated with truck driving songs, particularly those recited as narratives, but set to music. The most famous example of this is his 1976 number one hit "Teddy Bear".

Born in 1917, Sovine was a part of Shreveport, Louisiana's KWKH radio program "Louisiana Hayride". One of his co-stars was Hank Williams who helped him sign for MGM records. The MGM years (1949-1953) did not establish any major hits, despite the fact Sovine recorded a number of songs for the label. Later, Sovine would sign with Decca Records, but his real success started when he signed for Starday Records.

In addition to "Teddy Bear", Sovine scored a number of hits with them, including "Phantom 309" and "Giddyup Go". On 4 April, 1980, Red Sovine suffered a heart attack while driving his van in the city of Nashville, Tennessee which caused him to crash. The injuries sustained from the wreck and Sovine's heart attack were fatal.

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