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"Spacehog" was a glam rock band from the 1990s and 2000s, heavily influenced by David Bowie, Queen, and T. Rex. The group comprised of Royston Langdon (bass and vocals), Antony Langdon (guitar and vocals), Richard Steel (guitar), and Jonny Cragg (drums).

Though all the band members hailed originally from Leeds, England, the band was formed in New York City in 1994 when Antony Langdon met Cragg by chance, in a café where Cragg had a job killing rats. Soon after, Langdon's brother Royston joined the band, and Spacehog were born. The band signed in 1994 with Seymour Stein to Sire Records. Later when the band's original guitarist dropped out, Antony Langdon called his friend Richard Steel to join the band.

On October 24, 1995, Spacehog released their debut album, ''Resident Alien''. It went gold on the Billboard charts, selling over 500,000 copies and spawned the hit single and video "In the Meantime" as well as the single "Cruel to be Kind". "In the Meantime" received heavy video and radio play. The band's second album, ''The Chinese Album'', was released on March 10, 1998. Though it did not sell as well as ''Resident Alien'', the band's popularity continued to incre...

years active 1994–2002
origin New York City, New York, United States
music genre Glam rock, Alternative rock
current members Royston Langdon
Antony Langdon
Jonny Cragg
Richard Steel
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia