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"Span" is a Norwegian rock band. Self-proclaimed as "Norwegian Turbo-Rock 'n' Roll Commandos", the band spent 2004 touring the UK and Norway and spending time in the U.S.. To date they have sold over 55,000 albums world wide.

In August 2005, much to their loyal fans disappointment, Span announced that they are taking a break. It is not known when or if they will return since a news posting on their website stated that the band "no longer share a common dream and ambition" and that they have "decided to end this while we are still the best of friends."


In 2002, the band signed to Island Records who held back debut album Mass Distraction until 2004, a year after its original release date.

They then tried to establish themselves in the U.S however they were unsuccessful after attempts to sign with Geffen Records and Interscope Records fell through.

Their second album, Vs. Time, was released in Norway only on the Johnny Nowhere/Mercury label.


Jarle Bernhoft is a norwegian singer who has already moved onto newer pastures and can now be seen lending his talents to another Norwegian rock band, Bigbang.

Joff, Kim and Fred have ...

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