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"Sparks" is an American rock and pop music band known for their quirky approach to pop music. The band centers on two brothers: songwriter and keyboard player Ron Mael and vocalist/songwriter Russell Mael. The band first emerged as Halfnelson from the Los Angeles club scene, but changed their name to Sparks, a play on the Marx Brothers, after the release of its first album. The band's style has evolved from 60s homage to glam pop to power pop to metal to mainstream pop to electronic dance music to its latest incarnation, which is characterized by uniquely crafted artistic pop songs layered with repetition of lyrical phrases and supplemented by lush classical-style arrangements. Despite the many genres in which Sparks has dabbled, a recognizable "Sparks sound" has given the band a massive cult fan base and the admiration of their peers.

Sparks' musical style has changed dramatically over their almost forty year career. In the beginning they attempted to emulate the sound of their English heroes, such as The Who, Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd and The Kinks, sometimes even pretending to be an English band while on the LA club circuit. They relocated to England during the Glam R...

years active 1970 - present
status Active
origin Los Angeles, United States
music genre Rock music
current members Ron Mael
Russell Mael
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia