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Spider Murphy Gang

The "Spider Murphy Gang" is a German band from Munich best known for their greatest hit "Skandal im Sperrbezirk". Their name probably was inspired by Elvis Presley's song, Jailhouse Rock - in whose lyrics 'Spider Murphy' played the saxophone.

*''Rock'n'Roll Schuah'' (1980)

*''Dolce Vita'' (1981)

*''Tutti Frutti'' (1982)

*''Spider Murphy Gang live!'' (1983)

*''Scharf wia Peperoni'' (1984)

*''Wahre Liebe'' (1985)

*''√úberdosis Rock'n'Roll'' (1987)

*''In Flagranti'' (1989)

*''Hokuspokus'' (1990)

*''Keine Lust auf schlechte Zeiten'' (1997)

*''Rock'n'Roll Story'' (1997)

*''Das komplette Konzert'' (1999)

*''Radio Hitz'' (2002)

*''Skandal im Lustspielhaus'' (2004)

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* Management

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