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Spider Murphy Gang

The Spider Murphy Gang is a German band from Munich best known for their greatest hit "Skandal im Sperrbezirk". Their name probably was inspired by Elvis Presley's song, Jailhouse Rock - in whose lyrics 'Spider Murphy' played the saxophone.

== Discography =

*Rock'n'Roll Schuah (1980) *Dolce Vita (1981) *Tutti Frutti (1982) *Spider Murphy Gang live! (1983) *Scharf wia Peperoni (1984) *Wahre Liebe (1985) *Überdosis Rock'n'Roll (1987) *In Flagranti (1989) *Hokuspokus (1990) *Keine Lust auf schlechte Zeiten (1997) *Rock'n'Roll Story (1997) *Das komplette Konzert (1999) *Radio Hitz (2002) *Skandal im Lustspielhaus (2004)

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