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Sportfreunde Stiller

"Sportfreunde Stiller" ("Sportfriends Stiller") is a German rock band from Germering, near Munich in Bavaria.

They were founded in 1996 by Peter "Balboa" Brugger (guitar, vocals), Florian "Rakete" Weber (drums, vocals) and Rüdiger „Rüde“ Linhof (bass). They took their original name, Stiller, from their former soccer trainer, Hans Stiller, at SV Germering. Later they had to change their name because a totally unknown band called Stiller owned the right to this name.

Their "Independent" track from ''Die gute Seite'' was featured on ''FIFA 2003'' video game.

In 2006 they wrote '54,'74,'90,2006, a fan hymn for the German worldcup squad which became a number one smash hit in Germany. After Germany lost in the semi-final against Italy on July 4, 2006 the song was reworked as '54,'74,'90,2010 in anticipation of the FIFA Worldcup 2010 in South Africa.

* 1996:

** EP ''Macht doch was ihr wollt, ich geh jetzt (Do Whatever You Want, I'm Leaving)''

* 1998:

** EP ''Thonträger (Sound Storage Medium)''

* 1999:

** Maxi "Wellenreiten '54" (Surfing '54)

* 2000:

** Maxi "Fast wie von selbst" (Almost By Itself)

** LP ''So wie einst Real Madrid (As once Real...

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