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"Squeeze" were an English rock music band that came to prominence in the New Wave period of the late 1970s. The group formed in London in 1974. They are known for their hit songs "Cool For Cats," "Up The Junction," "Tempted," and "Hourglass," among many others.

The band's founding members in 1974 were Chris Difford (guitar, vocals, lyrics), Glenn Tilbrook (vocals, guitar, music), Jools Holland (keyboards), and Paul Gunn (drums). Gilson Lavis replaced Gunn on drums and Harry Kakoulli joined on bass in 1976. Their self-titled debut album was produced by John Cale for A&M Records, and released in 1978. In Australia, the United States and Canada the band and album were dubbed ''U.K. Squeeze'' due to legal conflicts arising from a contemporary American band called "Tight Squeeze". The "U.K" was dropped for all subsequent releases. The name "Squeeze" was taken from ''Squeeze'', the "unofficial" 1973 Velvet Underground album.

John Bentley replaced Harry Kakoulli on bass in 1979. Jools Holland was next to exit in 1980, with keyboard duties taken over by highly-rated singer-keyboardist Paul Carrack, a former member of British soul-pop band Ace, who scored a major international...

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