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"Starsailor" are a British rock band from Chorley in England. As of 2006, they have had three charting albums and ten Top 40 singles in the UK since 2001.

The band met and played at St. Michael's CE High School in Chorley, Lancashire.

Bassist James Stelfox and drummer Ben Byrne had been playing together in the north of England for a number of years. When their regular singer fell ill, they recruited young singer and songwriter James Walsh from a school choir. He was influenced by Jeff Buckley and his 1994 album ''Grace'' in his singing style. Comparing it to Oasis' ''(What's the Story) Morning Glory?'' album, which Walsh says sums up a unique moment, 'Grace' captures 'every moment'.

The band, then named Waterface had tried a number of guitarists before they asked long time friend Barry Westhead to join the band in 2000 on keyboards. He had been teaching Judo and playing organ for a church near his hometown. His arrival has been heralded as the most significant event in the band's formation. Walsh also took up the guitar, following frustration over not finding a musician right for the group. The band started to build up a reputation, and their name changed to Stars...

years active 2000–present
origin Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
music genre Rock and roll
current members James Stelfox
Ben Byrne
James Walsh (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia