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Steel Train

Steel Train are a 5-piece band currently on Drive Thru Records


The band began when two friends, Jack Antonoff and Scott Irby-Ranniar, sharing a common love of music, began playing together. They busked in subways and alleyways in New York, and in 1999/2000 recorded a demo that garnered a large degree of record label interest. Despite the array of offers, the guys, now called Steel Train (after a Bob Marley song that they have covered) eventually chose to sign with Drive Thru Records particularly drawn by the support but also artistic freedom the label offered. In 2002, the band recorded their debut ep entitled 'For You My Dear,' recruiting Evan Winiker (formerly of NJ emo band Random Task) and Matthias Gruber to help with recording and touring. The two later became full members of the band, first Winiker (who was presented as a full member in the promotional pieces for that same ep, released in January 2003) and later Gruber, who joined with second guitarist Matthew Goldman to complete the band and create Steel Train as it stands today. Together the band went on to record the '1969' ep (a CD of cover versions of songs from that year that inspired the band and their soun...

years active 1999-present
origin New York
country United States
music genre Indie (music)
current members Jack Antonoff
Scott Irby-Ranniar
Evan Winiker
Matthias Gruber
Matthew Goldman
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia