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"STEPS", who formed on May 7, 1997 and disbanded on December 26, 2001, were a highly successful British pop group who achieved a series of top hit singles during the late nineties and into the third millennium. Their name was based around a simple marketing gimmick. Each of their music videos were carefully choreographed, and the dance steps were included with most of their single releases.

The group, consisting of Claire Richards, Faye Tozer, Ian Watkins (known as H), Lee Latchford-Evans and Lisa Scott-Lee, formed on May 7, 1997. They were seen performing by the producer Pete Waterman (formerly of Stock Aitken Waterman) and signed to a recording contract on his EBUL label.

Waterman's stated intention was to try to recreate the sound of ABBA and blend it with a more modern style, however their first single "5,6,7,8" was a techno line dance and though not typical of what would become their style, it became their first hit, and later found its way onto a video game, "Dancing Stage Euromix 2," the European version of the popular Dance Dance Revolution Series. The single then went on to become one of the highest selling singles to never actually reach the top 10.


Background group or band
Origin United Kingdom
Instrument Singing
Genre Pop music
Years active 1997-2001
Past members Claire Richards
Lee Latchford-Evans
Faye Tozer
H from Steps
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source: Wikipedia