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Steve Goodman

"Steve Goodman" (July 25, 1948–September 20, 1984) was a Chicago folk music singer and songwriter.

Born on Chicago's north side to a middle-class Jewish family, Goodman began writing and performing songs as a teenager, after his family had moved to the near north suburbs. While a student at Maine East High School in Park Ridge, from which he graduated in 1968, Goodman began performing in Old Town and attracted a following By 1969, after a brief sojourn in New York City's Washington Square, Goodman was a regular performer at the well-known Earl of Old Town folk music club in Chicago, while attending Lake Forest College. During this time Goodman married Nancy Pruter and paid bills by writing advertising jingles.

It was also in 1969 that Goodman would be diagnosed with leukemia, the disease that would be present during the entirety of his recording career until his death in 1984. Though he experienced periods of remission, Goodman never felt that he was living on anything other than borrowed time, and some critics, listeners and friends have said that his music ref...

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