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"Stiltskin" were a Scottish post-grunge band of the mid-1990s.

They came to fame through providing music to a Levi's advert in the UK. The resulting single, "Inside", topped the UK singles chart in 1994, but they failed to produce further chart successes of the same kind, despite a couple of follow-up singles. They split in 1996, during the recording of their uncompleted second album.

They produced only one album, ''The Mind's Eye'', which achieved silver status in the UK, and sold in decent quantities throughout Europe. The band made significant critical inroads into the U.S. music scene, but little was to follow in the way of sales.

In reality all instruments on the band's hit "Inside" were played by Lawlor.

Finnigan and McFarlane were drafted in purely for the video. Wilson went on briefly to join Genesis, before being fired after "Calling All Stations" album. Lawlor now works as a composer, for example on the BBC 'Rhythm & Movement' idents. MacFarlane went on to supplement The Proclaimers work.

At present, Ray Wilson has reformed the band with a cast of musicans under the name ''Stiltskin'' and have a new album, ''She'' out now. The band are doing va...

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