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"Stitches" is an Australian band from the Sunshine Coast, Qld who formed in late 1999. The band was formed by Jeff Horder (Drums) and was filled out in 2000 by John Keen (Guitar) and Beau Deeley (Bass, Guitar). The band remained a three piece for over a year, developing a sound of their own described as sci-fi/trance/chunk (or Sci-fi shred rock).

Guitarist Beau Deeley used up to 80 gauge strings on his guitar filling out the Stitches sound with incredibly deep, distorted riffs. John Keen's contributions to the band included technical proficiency and the use of effects and samples adding another dimension to the sound. In early 2001, a five song e.p "skin crawl peak" was released. Mid 2001 saw the inclusion of Jethro on bass adding an urgent and technical undertone to the music.

The "Blast Off" festival of December 22, 2001 was the last gig with John Keen and Jethro as "Stitches" disbanded shortly afterward. John Keen went on to form another band ""Substitute Inc"" ("Sub Inc") with Jeff Horder who continue to this day (Horder departed "Sub Inc" in May, 2006). Jeff Horder and Beau Deeley began a short lived project under the name "Stitches" in February, 2002 using a sequen...

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