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Stone Roses

"The Stone Roses" were an influential rock band from Britain active during the late 1980s and early '90s. Along with other bands such as the Happy Mondays, they comprised the core of the Madchester ''Baggy'' scene, centred around Manchester, England. Their 1989 eponymous debut album quickly achieved the status as a classic in the UK, and continues to figure in critics' "Greatest Albums" lists. They released a second album, ''Second Coming'', in 1994 and split in 1996.

The Stone Roses were formed in Manchester during the early-1980s by guitarist John Squire and vocalist Ian Brown. Childhood friends, Squire and Brown had both played in bands before, although Brown had previously played bass. They recruited a talented drummer, Reni (real name Alan Wren), with bassist Pete Garner and rhythm guitarist Andy Couzens completing the original line up.

In their early days the Roses had an aggressive, punky sound, and their influences ranged from The Clash and The Sex Pistols to Manchester band Slaughter and the Dogs. They had a dedicated following in Manchester, but they were considered unfashionable and somewhat uncouth by the local music scene at the time, a scene dominated by ...

Background group or band
Origin Manchester, England
Genre Alternative rock, Madchester
Years active 1984–1996
Past members Ian Brown
John Squire
Gary Mounfield
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source: Wikipedia