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"Stonegard" is an up and coming heavy metal band from Oslo, Norway. They have one official release in the form of a full length CD, "Arrows" which also can be found on vinyl. They are currently working on a second album scheduled to be completed in May 2006.

*Torgrim Torve - Guitar and lead vocals

*Ronny Flissundet - Guitar and backing vocals

*HÃ¥vard Gjerde - Bass and backing vocals

*Erlend Gjerde - Drums

The band has received excellent critics from national newspapers television and radio in Norway.

Several Stonegard musicvideos have ran on the popular Norwegian TV show "Svisj". The song "Hunter" is currently running on the show. Stonegard gained a lot of success through the Norwegian website '''', which is helping unsigned bands, singers and musicians.

Their motto is "Mer Metal til folket!!!" meaning "More metal to the people!!!". Stonegard is also strongly against drugs.

* Stonegard website

* Examples from Stonegard's music (Norwegian)


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