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Izzy Stradlin

"Izzy Stradlin " is an American musician best known as the rhythm guitarist of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses. Contrary to popular belief, it was Izzy who - together with singer Axl Rose - was the dominant songwriting force behind Guns N' Roses' success. Although Slash was a superb lead guitarist, who defined much of the band's overall sound, it was Izzy who provided both music and lyrics to tracks such as Patience, Think About You, Mr. Brownstone, 14 Years, Double Talkin' Jive and You Could Be Mine. Indeed, there are few classic "Guns" tracks that are not at the very least co-written by Izzy. Over the course of the four albums that Stradlin performed on, he teamed with Slash to churn out riffs rivaling some of the best rock bands in history.


Izzy Stradlin was born as Jeffrey Isbell on April 8, 1962, in Lafayette, Indiana where he grew up. Of Lafayette, Izzy said, "It was cool growing up there. There's a courthouse and a college, a river and railroad tracks. It's a small town, so there wasn't much to do. We rode bikes, smoked pot, got into trouble - it was pretty 'Beavis and Butt-head,' actually."

Izzy's first musical favorites included Alice Cooper, Led Zep...

years active 1985 to present
origin Lafayette, Indiana
music genre Hard Rock/Rock music
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source: Wikipedia